C4 - Male Proband with Ostomy


Thank you very much for participating in the Canadian Colorectal Cancer Consortium (C4). We are asking you to complete the following questionnaires as part of your participation in the C4. These questionnaires are designed specifically to apply to your level of participation in the study, as well as the type of surgery that you have had.

The following questionnaires are for individuals who were the first person to enter the study (proband), are male, and have an ostomy as a result of their surgery:

  1. Family History Questionnaire: https://ddcrc.mshri.on.ca/NoviSurvey/n/TFRIFHQ.aspx
  1. Male Proband Personal History Questionnare: https://ddcrc.mshri.on.ca/NoviSurvey/n/TFRIPHQM.aspx

3. Male Proband Quality-of-Life Questionnaire: https://ddcrc.mshri.on.ca/NoviSurvey/n/TFRIQOLMO.aspx