Peer Support Program


The Familial Gastrointestinal Cancer Registry (FGICR) is committed to offering support to families with hereditary gastrointestinal cancer and polyposis syndromes. An important part of this support is our ability to connect people who share the same hereditary conditions. Individuals and families involved in the FGICR have found it very helpful to connect through the Peer Support Program, and have benefited from sharing experiences with each other. Research has also shown peer support programs to have social and emotional benefits.

As these hereditary conditions may be rare, we would greatly appreciate if you would be willing to be included in our Peer Support Program (aka. Buddy System). This program matches people based on diagnosis and other factors. Matches are made on request, and have been particularly helpful at the time of a new diagnosis, around the time of a surgery, and when parents have concerns about their children.

If you are willing to be included in our Peer Support Program, please download the form here and complete it and either print the file and mail it to us or save it to your desktop and email it to us.

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