What are the cancer screening guidelines for LS?


Colorectal Cancer Screening

Gynecological Cancer Screening

*The effectiveness of screening for endometrial and ovarian cancer is limited and its value has yet to be established.

Other LS-related Cancer Screening

Individuals with LS are at increased risk of developing other types of cancer. At this time, routine screening of other organs has not been shown to be effective. Based on family history of non-colorectal or non-gynecological cancer, other screening procedures may be recommended.

Some families with LS may develop specific skin lesions called keratoacanthomas or sebaceous adenomas which occasionally lead to sebaceous carcinomas. Any unusual skin findings should be reported to a physician.

Individuals with LS are encouraged to discuss all changes in general health with their physician.

Please note: Screening recommendations must be given by a genetics specialist and/or physician after a complete assessment of a family. Please talk to your physician if you have questions or concerns about screening recommendations for you.