Symposium Slides

Presentation Speaker Slides
Update on Hereditary Gastric Cancer Dr. Sav Brar Download
Mismatch Repair Mutation Detection: Workable Strategies and Evolving Perspectives Dr. Patrick Lynch Download
MMR testing of gynecological cancer Dr. Sarah Ferguson Download
New Polyposis Genes: Beyond FAP and MAP Dr. Robert Gryfe Download
Novel therapies for replication repair deficiency syndromes Dr. Uri Tabori Download
Update from 2011 working group topics    
     Update on MOH criteria Ms. Melyssa Aronson Download
     Update on universal IHC Dr. Nancy Baxter Download
     Advancing Genetics in Ontario - Challenges & Opportunities Dr. Aaron Pollett Download
Working group 1 - Lynch Syndrome (LS) algorithm Moderators:
Dr. Lea Velsher
& Mrs. Karen Panabaker
Working group 2 - Use of gene panels for hereditary GI cancer Moderators:
Dr. Alison Rusnak
& Dr. Tracy Stockley