6th Lynch Syndrome Evening


Introduction to Lynch Syndrome Evening 2015
Moderator: Dr. Steven Gallinger

The latest research in Lynch syndrome

Speaker: Dr. Robert Gryfe

Description: Dr. Gryfe is a colorectal surgeon and scientist at Mount Sinai Hospital.  He has completed several studies on Lynch syndrome and will discuss the latest research on cancer risk, screening and prevention in Lynch syndrome.

Slides: link (PDF)

Urinary tract cancer – symptoms, screening and treatment
Speaker: Dr. Jeff Spodek

Description: Dr. Spodek is the Chief of Urology at the Rouge Valley Health System. He works at the Centenary site in Scarborough, Ontario.  He completed his medical training at the University of Western Ontario in 1998 and completed his fellowship training in Urology in 2003 at the University of Western Ontario.  He will be giving an overview on the types of urinary tract cancers seen in Lynch syndrome including kidney, ureter and bladder cancers.

Slides: link (PDF)

Understanding Insurance and Genetic Testing
Speaker: Brent Mizzen

Description: Brent Mizzen is Director, Policy Development for the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA). He is responsible for policy development and analysis on industry issues as well as responses to policy demands from government.  Brent will give us the background on insurance and genetic testing, how companies assess individuals for insurance policies, and what the industry's position is on genetic testing.

Slides: link (PDF)

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