"An Introduction to the Pelvic Pouch Procedure"


"An Introduction to the Pelvic Pouch Procedure" is considered an essential tool to address concerns and questions from patients who are undergoing the Pelvic Pouch Procedure. By providing a familiarity of the experience and process for the prospective patient, a level of understanding is achieved, alleviating pre-operative anxiety and concern. The video adopts the human perspective through a patient's point of view. The patient reflects her own past experience as she takes the viewer through pre-admission, the hospital stay, recovery and discharge.

This video was produced for Mount Sinai Hospital in 1998 and is given to all of our patients in the pre-admission phase. It has been converted for the Web from the original VHS video tape version. In it's entirety, it is 28 minutes long and has been divided into sections for viewing on the Web.

The Decision Phase

Duration: 1:01 minutes

Initial Discussion with the Colorectal Surgeon

Duration: 2:43 minutes

Meeting the Enterostomal Therapist (ET)

Duration: 4:05 minutes

Additional Support from the "Pelvic Pouch Support Group"

Duration: 2:07 minutes

Preparing for Surgery - the Pre-admission Phase

Duration: 2:34 minutes

Surgical Phase

Duration: 4:06 minutes

Postoperative Care in the Hospital

Duration: 4:38 minutes

Follow-up at 6 Weeks Post Discharge From Hospital

Duration: 3.53 minutes


Duration: 2:33 minutes

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