What is the PACE IBD Telemedicine Program?
Through support from Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, the Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) centre at Mount Sinai Hospital has embarked on an innovative project to improve access to quality IBD care for individuals living in rural and remote communities throughout Ontario.  As a participant site within the Promoting Access and Care through Centres of Excellence (PACE) network, our IBD team is conducting eVisits through our newly launched telemedicine program.


To learn more about our PACE IBD Telemedicne Program within the PACE IBD Network, please click on the link Crohn's and Colitis Canada: PACE IBD Toronto

The IBD telemedicine program is dedicated to serving patients living with Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis who reside in underserviced locations throughout Ontario. We accept referrals for adult patients residing at least 100 kms from Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

Patients in the IBD telemedicine program will have access to real-time medical consultations from Gastroenterologists who specialize in IBD management.  Telemedicine essentially involves a health care specialist speaking to a patient through videoconferencing technology similar to Skype or FaceTime, but within a secured computer network.  Through the use of this technology, our program endeavors to minimize the disruption, stress and cost that can be associated with travel to Toronto for IBD related medical appointments.

What is Telemedicine?
Telemedicine, also known as an eVisit, uses videoconferencing technology supported through the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) to connect healthcare sites throughout Ontario to the IBD Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital. This technology enables patients to receive “virtual” care close to home.  Similar to a regular doctor’s appointment, a telemedicine visit is private and confidential, for it is seen and heard only by the healthcare professionals involved. The appointment happens in real time and is not video recorded.

  • OTN Brochure – Your Telemedicine Appointment (link)


Is Telemedicine Right for Me?
Telemedicine is useful for many appointments, but we may not be able to use it for all your visits. Talk to your health care provider to find out which appointments can use telemedicine.

What’s New?

PACE Webcast
PACE IBD Launch webcast - June 15th (link)

For further information regarding the PACE IBD telemedicine program, please contact:
Shelley Bouchard, RN - PACE Telemedicine Coordinator
Mount Sinai Hospital - Zane Cohen Centre for Digestive Diseases
Phone: 416-586-4800 x 7820   Fax: 416-586-5971

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