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Best Practice in General Surgery (BPIGS)

Best Practice in General Surgery (BPIGS) is a program developed in 2006 to standardize evidence based practice in the divisions of general surgery departments at 8 adult University of Toronto teaching hospitals. The goals of the program are to improve patient care, improve resident education and to utilize the expertise with in the general surgery department.

To date the following guidelines have been implemented*:

  • Surgical Site Infection
  • Pre-operative Mechanical Bowel Preparation
  • DVT Prophylaxis

*All guidelines can be accessed by going to the BPIGS website at

Surgical Synoptic Operative Checklist*:

  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

*Checklist can be accessed by going to the BPIGS website

For further information about BPIGS please contact Emily Pearsall at

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